E-visa category was developed by the United States to enable foreign citizens more easily participate in international trading activities. This visa category is suitable for business professionals who come from a foreign country that has entered into a trade treaty with the U.S. and who are employed by an enterprise that does substantial trade with the U.S.

E-visa benefits include:

  • E-visa holders can renew their visa status for up to two years, with an indefinite number of two-year extensions;
  • E-visa allows foreign national to legally work for a U.S. sponsoring company that has more than 50% of business with their home country (which is in trade treaty with the U.S.);
  • E-visa holders can bring immediate family members with them (spouses can legally work in the U.S.);
  • E-visa holder and his/her immediate family members have a choice of freely traveling back and forth from the United States or staying in America for the duration of their status.

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