Student visas help approximately 500,000 foreign nationals come to the United States every year to pursue their education, certificates and degrees from U.S. educational institutions.

F visa

Students (academic student category) may come to the U.S. as a full-time academic or language student to pursue a degree or certificate from a government-approved U.S.-based higher education institution, such as public and accredited private college or university. F visa students can easily transfer from one school to another and switch their academic programs, as well as legally work on campus in a part-time capacity.

M visa

Students (vocational category) may come to the U.S. as vocational or nonacademic students and enjoy the possibility of transferring from one school to another within the first six months of their study program upon receiving permission from USCIS. It is nevertheless important to point out that M visa students are not allowed to change their course of study or be legally employed during their study program.

Foreign nationals planning to obtain M or F visa must be able to establish that:

  • Their intent to study at a United States school is true and that they will be bona fide students;
  • Candidates should also demonstrate full English language fluency in order to be able to effectively participate in the study program and assigned projects;
  • The study program foreign nationals enroll in must lead to the attainment of a diploma, certificate or a college degree;
  • Students must be able to demonstrate their strong intent to return home upon completion of their study program.

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