O-visa are suitable for foreign nationals who have been widely recognized for their accomplishments in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics industry and have enjoyed an international acclaim in their area of expertise (such as a nationally recognized prize or award of excellence, memberships at international associations that require outstanding achievements, trade publications, significant scientific or scholarly contributions, etc.).

Besides establishing their extraordinary abilities, O-visa candidates must be able to prove their intent to come to the United States in order to work or perform at an event within their field.

Please bear in mind that O-visa must be sponsored by a U.S. employer who must file a visa petition with USCIS up to one year of your scheduled event, competition or performance. Those candidates who are self-employed may be eligible to hire a U.S. agent to file a petition for them.

Foreign nationals who are currently in the United States in a lawful status can file a petition for their status to be temporarily switched to O-visa, as long as they are able to prove that they entered the United States without a preconceived plan to switch their temporary nonimmigrant visa status.

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