Each year, the United States designates 85,000 H-1B temporary visas for foreign nationals who wish to work for an American company within an occupation requiring highly specialized knowledge and skills. This visa category is commonly used by workers in the technology, finance, science and healthcare industries.

An H-1B visa offers multiple advantages to foreign nationals:

  • It grants foreign nationals a legal right to be employed by a U.S. employer for up to six years;
  • Foreign nationals can freely travel in and out of the United States;
  • Foreign nationals can bring their immediate relatives – spouses and minor children – who can stay with them for the duration of H-1B status (but family members cannot work)

To apply for an H-1B visa, a foreign national must first obtain a job offer from a U.S. organization, must be offered at least the prevailing wage that is paid in the same geographic area specific to his/her occupation, and comply with other requirements set forth by the USCIS. The candidate must also possess a college degree or its equivalent of work experience, qualifying him/her to be employed in a specialty occupation by a U.S. employer.

Law Offices of Ilya Fishkin, P.C. has a solid track record in representing leading U.S. organizations and their foreign employees in H-1B non-immigrant application process. We ensure accuracy of all documentation filed along with the application and increase client’s chances of having their H-1B non-immigrant petition reviewed by the USCIS before the visas run out.

Assess Your Eligibility for H-1B Non-Immigrant Visa